Hardcore, Metal

Heriot – Profound Morality (Recommendation)

Album:Profound Morality
Genre:Metal, Hardcore
Release Date:29th of April 2022
Released viaChurch Road Records
Cover Artwork ©Church Road Records

Here it is, the debut EP of one of the most exciting Metal bands coming out of England today. After releasing three singles prior to this (“Enter the Flesh“, “Near Vision“, “Coalescence” and the title track”Profound Morality“) Heriot now deliver the “full vision” so to say.

I would have been totally fine with an EP full of head-on-tracks like “Near Vision” and “Coalesce“, but that would have been the easy way. Heriot begin their EP with a curveball named “Abaddon“. Mostly relying on electronics and a very deep bass, this track sets the “I don’t know I was in for THIS”- tone for this release. The following “Coalesce” proceeds to throw the listener in to the album head over heels.

Mutagen” serves as a break from the menacing chaos “Carmine (fills the hollow)” and “Near Vision” have left behind. Just like the other, more ambient interlude-like track “Abattoir“, those tracks bolster the atmosphere of this EP. Some kind of safe space is created only to get invaded by monstrous tracks like “Enter the Flesh” or the doomy title track.

Heriot releases the listener as uneasy as it began. “Profound Morality” is a 4 minute journey into the void. The deep bass is once again present, the gnawing riffs and the slow tempo crash over the listener just to stop abruptly and leave the listener with eyes and ears open.

Heriot remind me of the first time I listend to Code Orange‘s album Forever. You thought you had an idea which direction this band would take but they just threw them out of the window within the first minutes. Profound Morality serves as a big exclamation mark in this year’s Metal releases and must not be missed by any fan of truly heavy music.

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