Black Metal

Terzij de Horde – In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy (Recommendation)

Band:Terzij de Horde
Album:In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy
Genre:Black Metal
Release Date:8th of April 20212
Released viaConsouling Sounds
Cover Artwork ©Consouling Sounds

Anyone who has read some of my reviews knows that I like it a lot, when the album cover somehow represents what you will be hearing. This term of a “complete package” is something I appreciate very much. Especially in a genre like Black Metal it can be crucial to have a fitting artwork or something completely off and unique (anyone remember Sunbather?).

Terzij de Horde‘s new album In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy achieves that in great fashion. It is like looking at a Caspar David Friedrich painting inverted. While I associate his pictures with tranquility and peace, you see a man here, standing at the edge of a cliff watching the world burn and this is exactly what you can expect from this album.

Cherion” blasts the door open with its compact 4 minutes while the following two tracks “In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy” and “Precipice” are clocking in around 11 and 13 minutes and bring the aforementioned fiery armageddon upon the listener: heatwaves, bursts of flames and soaring fires.

Terzij de Horde sound as if the singer of Envy would sing in a Black Metal band and that is as awesome as you would expect it: piercing guitars, raging drums and a singer who screams as if his life would depend on it.

In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy is a great Black Metal album that makes the world ending very engaging within its running time of 30 minutes and you’ll find yourself wishing for another world to burn again and again.

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