God Mother – Obeveklig (Recommendation)

Band:God Mother
Release Date:6th of May 2022
Released viaSelf-Release
Cover Artwork ©Self-Release

There are various kinds of “crazy” live shows. On the one hand you get the WTF kind of shows, which are entertaining above all and on the other hand you get the mix of fear what will happen next and the excitement of not knowing it.

When I first saw God Mother on their support run for the almighty Dillinger Escape Plan I instantly knew they would fall into the latter category. This chaotic energy instantly reminded me of greats like the Dillinger Escape Plan or The Chariot, where no one in the audience was safe from suddenly being a part of the show. The back of the room was only safe because of the microphone being wired.

Obeveklig is the first release since their last album Vilseledd and their fifth release in total. Obeveklig feels like a natural progression of Vilseledd. This time around the songs are a little more accessible which is still far away from sing-alongs and humming to it.

Host Body” spans a third of this EP with its three minutes. It is a great opener to this nine minute feral being of an EP. For those of you who don’t know God Mother, I would describe their brand of Hardcore wild, chaotic and as mentioned in the beginning, unpredictable.

The following four tracks are like a horde of annoyed wasps trapped in a small box with you being in it. Especially “Di$ney Prison“, the closer, is a banger before the LORD.

Obeveklig is the next exciting step for God Mother. I can’t wait to see them in action again and this time without a wired microphone…no one will be safe then.

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