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Lathe – Tongue Of Silver (Review)

Album Cover Lathe Tongue of Silver
Band: Lathe
Release: Tongue of Silver
Genre: Endtime Country Doom
Country: USA
Release Date:29th of July, 2022
Released via: Grimoire Records
Picture by:Daniel Regner

Tongue Of Silver” will be the debut of this trio from Baltimore, USA. Lathe already started as a studio project in 2018. The album comes along with 8 tracks and roughly 37 minutes of playtime.

First of all “Tongue of Silver” is an instrumental album, so no vocals or lyrics. With “Rodeo Fumes” the band made me think that my fucking boxes or cables were broken and I started to check my audio interface, my USB Ccble… Thanks for that. So be warned 😉

I think the best thing you can say about instrumental music is that it stimulates your fantasy, that it brings images to your mind and lets you fly. Close your eyes, press play and start your journey. My visions during the rotations were some kind of Western-Steampunk-Apocalyptic scenario, the music made me think about for example the Gunslinger from Stephen Kings The Dark Tower“. We don’t talk about the shitty movie, I talk about the book. And here we have the perfect soundtrack, dark and powerful. The pedal steel is giving you the right amount of Western movie vibes, while the powerful guitars have you feel the darkness and the overall menace.

So in my opinion Lathe did a great job, they inspired me with their music. And they made me concerned about my hardware. But I can forgive them.

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