Hardcore, Punk

Candy – Heaven is Here (Recommendation)

Band: Candy
Album: Heaven is Here
Genre: Hardcore, Punk
Country: USA
Release Date: June 24th 2022
Released via: Relapse Records
Cover Artwork © Relapse Records

Candy are back to destroy our expectations of what their next step in evolution might be. Heaven is Here is the third album by Hardcore Punk manglers Candy. From the first seconds you’ll realize that this is yet another iteration of their vision.

Transcend to Wet” is something like the essence of this album. This track is pure joyful chaos. Blast beats, noise, samples and even a hint of melody. Candy and Full of Hell back to back is the closest we come to total aural destruction. “Kinesthesia” taps in a similar vein, but in a different way. It is an Industrial dance song under a cloak of noise. The 1,2-combo of “World of Shit” and “Fantasy/Greed” got me yelling at random objects in my house. Can’t wait to see those tracks in a live environment (“…bled dry, we die!”).

Everything you hear on this records seems as if it was meant to harm your ears, your mood or general well-being. The pinnacle of this is the album-closer “Perverse“. 10 minutes of harsh, unstructured noise, swelling and twisting the listener into submission.

This is what Hardcore would sound like if you found it on a cursed laptop. Between all the rage, speed and mosh, there are all these little glitches and noises that make this record a very uneasy listening. You’ll never know when this album is gonna crash over you. You couldn’t be farer from heaven than this record.

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