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HEALTH @ Junkyard (Dortmund)

Bands:HEALTH, Youth Code
Date:20th of June, 2022
Location:Junkyard, Dortmund
Promoter:Shogun Konzerte
Photos:Thomas Transcended

On this warm day in June HEALTH and Youth Code were ready to blind the crowd with strobe-light and tear their eardrums with heavy distortion. The audience wore their mostly black attire in spite of the sun glaring down on them and were ready for even more heat inside the Junkyard.

Youth Code in Dortmund

Youth Code opened this night and what an opening this was. Armed with just a keyboard and two microphones they demanded movement and the crowd was into it.

Although troubled by some technical difficulties (second microphone wasn’t working most of the time, Sara (Taylor, vocals) could conjure energy for at least two persons and delivered the “kinetic urgency” of their songs easily.

This was my first contact with Youth Code but I was instantly hooked. Songs like “Consuming Guilt” or “Deathsafe” immediately lead me to check out the rest of their discography and their merch-booth.

HEALTH in Dortmund

With a lot of fog and moody light HEALTH entered the stage. Opening with a kick-start that is the duo of “God Botherer” and “Zoothorns” they played a set that almost span their entire discography (only leaving out their latest release DISCO4 :: PART II).

The sound-guy had a good day and the band was on-point. From the pumping-beats of “Psychonaut” or “L.A. Looks” to more atmospheric tracks like “Victim“, the band sounded awesome throughout.

Personal highlights for me were “Body/Prison“, “L.A. Looks” and “Feel nothing“. Given to the great sound, the bass flew right through your guts and left you no other chance than to move. Another point that added to that were the live drums. It is one thing to have great sounding electric beats but it is a whole other beast to have a drummer playing that live.

Tears” brought some slight relief before “Salvia” and “Cyberpunk” began the awesome finishing straight of the evening.

The slow-burning “Crusher” closed the set only to be the followed by the blistering encore of “Innocence” which got Youth Code back on stage. This was a fitting finish for an excellent night of electronic music.

Setlist HEALTH:
God Botherer
The Message
Men today
Strange Days
New Coke
L.A. Looks
Feel Nothing
We are Water
Perfect Skin

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