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Hissing – Hypervirulence Architecture (Recommendation)

Release:Hypervirulence Architecture
Genre:Black Metal, Death Metal
Release Date:15th of July, 2022
Released viaProfound Lore
Cover ArtworkEthan McCarthy

“What is this?” was my first thought upon seeing this awesome cover, which looks like concrete smeared with tar and a puddle of blood. This could be the last thing you see before passing out after something heavy and hard hits you. Hypervirulence Architecture could be that very thing.

Hissing are back with their second album Hypervirulence Architecture to scar your senses. With their mixture of noisy Death Metal and fast Black Metal parts, Hypervirulence Architecture will leave a lasting impression. The opener “Cells of Nonbeing” is aural purgatory and the gateway into the deteriorating destruction that lies before you for the next 38 minutes.

Operant Extinction” is the 10 minute core of this album.After grinding you down for the first 6 minutes, you get a slight break just to get “sludged” for the last 4 minutes. It is a trip.

The ambient piece “Hypervirulence” divides this album before “Intrusion” starts the second half of this album and gets right back annihilating what is left of you. For example “Meltdown“‘s guitars at the beginning instantly remind me of old-school Cannibal Corpse, which is always a good thing. The closer is a big filthy “!” at the end of this offing heavy album.

Hypervirulence Architecture is a feast for any blackened Death Metal fan. Hissing achieved to create an album that is rich with parts that peel the skin right off your face and cremate you to ashes afterwards.

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