Grindcore, Hardcore, Powerviolence

Escuela Grind – Memory Theater (Recommendation)

Escuela Grind
Band:Escuela Grind
Release:Memory Theater
Genre:Hardcore, Powerviolence
Release Date:30th of September, 2022
Released viaMNRK Heavy
Cover ArtworkMNRK Heavy

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge.

Drag you down, I don’t give a shit!


This reinterpreted version of “The Message” is the quintessence of this album. Escuela Grind are very close to edge and sound like they have nothing to lose. And since you are there to witness this, you are going down with them.

Memory Theater is the second album by Escuela Grind after 2020s Indoctrination. This album is an exercise in blasting and exorcising frustration out of you. Anyone who has ever seen one of the hate5six live-videos of Escuela Grind will see that those exorcisms are quite mighty und threatening. Once Escuela Grind get going, there is only a whirlwind of flying extremeties and whole bodies turned upside down.

Memory Theater was recorded by the godfather of all that is heavy: Kurt Ballou. This already awesome record is elevated to a whole new level with his skill to squeeze out the very essence of kinetic-heaviness out of a band.

The concept behind a memory theater (the historical one) is to create a room filled with your own ideas. Escuela Grind took that concept and filled their room with a menacing melange consisting of vicious vocals, grinding guitars and deafening drums. In short:

a must-hear for any Hardcore fan.

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