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Innerwoud – Furie (Review)

Genre:Ambient, Drone
Release Date:23th of September, 2022
Released viaConsouling Sounds
Cover ArtworkConsouling Sounds

Those dire times we live in call for either calming or alarming music. Innerwoud somewhat take the middle seat. Furie is a four-part exercise in meditative and brooding Ambient Cello music that takes your attention without causing too much distraction.

Innerwoud is a one-man-band by Belgian double bass player and composer Pieter-Jan Van Assche. Furie is the second full-length album by Innerwoud after a series of collaborations.

Raseri” (“anger” in some Scandinavian languages) opens this record. Having the current state of the world in mind, this dark song orchestrates the horrible images that come to mind while thinking about what is going wrong in a lot of modern societies.

Marsyras” takes its name from Greek mythology (it refers to a satyr from Greek mythology who is known as a musician but is brought down by pride, if you are too lazy to educate yourselves). A slow song which illustrates the fate of the musician appropriately.

Kijm” is a heart-pounding piece in the literal sense. It is a song about the birth of Pieter-Jan Van Assche‘s daughter and a tribute to his mother. This slow rhythm gives the song an almost marching vibe. Towards the end, the track ascends into a great finale which makes this one my favorite on this album.

Schadenouw” is a nearly 8 minute trip into the abyss. This is music to be played while drifting alone on a foggy lake into the unknown.

Furie is like a balloon inflating and slowly but surely taking more and more volume while leaving you less and less space. This music fills the room with atmosphere. Furie is yet another great ambient album on Consouling Sounds. After Ashtoreth & Pilgrimage to Pleroma‘s UR this is yet another highlight in any Ambient playlist this year.

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