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rotting in dirt – I Am Eating My Shame (Recommendation)

Rotting in Dirt
Band:rotting in dirt
Release:I am eating my Shishame
Genre:Death Metal, Black Metal
Release Date:9th of September, 2022
Released viaZegema Beach Records
Cover ArtworkKim Jakobsson

rotting in dirt‘s new EP I Am Eating My Shame is yet another example for the cover displaying the music behind it perfectly. The name of the awesome painting by Kim Jakobsson on the cover is “Devoured by Horses“, it is the most fitting description for this kind of music.

If I were to pick one musical comparison, I would put them in the same corner with Cult Leader. This mixture of Death and Black Metal combined with some Hardcore will have any fan of disgustingly heavy music on their heels. To keep the metaphor “Devoured by horses”: you’ll get trampled, torn apart and dragged along several times, sometimes within one song.

Songs like “Serpentine“, “Memory Bias” or “Seizing in the Warmth of Lilith’s Embrace” are open invitations to let go of control of your body and facial features. “Cherishing (The Third and Lowest Aspect)” is the big curveball of this album, suddenly there are clean vocals, softly strung guitars. But this quiet doesn’t last long, don’t get used to it. The last third sludges you into oblivion only to get beaten up once more with the furious closer “Gallows in Static“.

This record plowed its way into my heart. I didn’t know I was looking for this mixture of extreme genres, but rotting in dirt convinced me in a crushing way that I do.

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