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Acid Blade – Power Dive (Review)

Acid Blade
Band:Acid Blade
Release:Power Dive
Genre:Heavy Metal
Release Date:12th of August, 2022
Released viaJawbreaker Records
Cover ArtworkJawbreaker Records

If you are into the Heavy Metal underground, you can’t avoid Acid Blade. Even if “Hot Bloods on the Loose” didn’t really sweep me off my feet yet, it gets going afterwards with “Ablaze at Midnight“. This song is a hit, without a question. One of those numbers that you listen to over and over again, in between, for fun, while brushing your teeth and taking out the garbage. An earworm, if ever there was one.

And also the title track “Power Dive” finally pleased me after repeated listening, especially because of its pre-chorus. The obscure sound and vocals reveal a clear genuflection to genre gods Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate, which has worked its way into the deepest roots of the subculture.

While riffs and solos are beyond any criticism, the drumming, on the other hand, seems a bit bumpy and snipped together to me every now and then. But that shouldn’t bother, if you get bangers like “King Killer” and the intoxicating “The Tomb of Khentika Ikheki“.

Into the Light” seems threatening, especially in its verses, and unforgiving in its late course. A song as somber as the album’s cover. The vibe of the legendary Peace of Mind that comes through here is truly undeniable. And if you’re not convinced so far, you’ll be on board after “Moonless Night“. Definitely my Heavy Metal ballad of the year.

Harpy on the Wing” brings it all out again at the end and carves in stone what the other seven songs have already announced: Power Dive is a really powerful album. Really heavy Heavy Metal for dangerous people.

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