Black Metal

Our Loss Is Total – I (Recommendation)

Our loss is total
Band:Our Loss Is Total
Genre:Black Metal
Release Date:16th of December, 2022
Released viaEnd of Orbit Records
Cover ArtworkEnd of Orbit Records

Two of Germany’s finest Metalcore torch-bearers team up to create a late year Black Metal brick. Neaera‘s (Tobias Buck, Stefan Keller and Sebastian Heldt) and Heaven Shall Burn‘s singer Marcus Bischoff are Our Loss Is Total. This is Black Metal as monochrome, bleak and overwhelming as the woods on the album cover.

Four songs, forty minutes and four steps deeper and deeper into the extinction of mankind. Nothing less happens here. Surrounded by blast beats, skin-peeling, frosty guitars and vocals on the verge of breaking this record delivers everything you need to get into a festive mood.

As mentioned in many recommendations before, I am a fan of good sounding Black Metal. The production was handled by Tristan Hachmeister (who also produced their recent self-titled album), Alexander Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) and Matthias Lohmöller and it knocks the wind out of your lungs in a heartbeat.

This is a fitting summary of a dreary year. I is dark and furious. Since humanity is still existing there is hope that there will be another concept-album about their ultimate demise. We are definitely up for it!

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