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She – Goodpaster (Recommendation)

She - Goodpaster
Genre:Hardcore, Grindcore
Release Date:16th of June, 2023
Released viaSelf-released

“Keep it short and simple” (KISS) is a phrase often heard in a lot of management-BS-seminars (you still remember?). She from Anchorage, Alaska “Keep it short and shredding”. Their debut Goodpaster is nearly 30 minutes, honest to God (or what overpowering being you believe in), ferocity.

The thing that immediately jumped to my throat are the guitars. Warm, rusty showers of Trap Them-nostalgia straight to the dome. This is exactly how a Grindcore / Hardcore mix should sound in 2023. Taylor Young produced it and it elevated this record to another level with his ability make everything he touches sound heavy and visceral.

Moshing, menacing and mauling, these are the three pillars this record is built upon. “Bullshit portent” or “Arguments in space” will take your pulse to the level of a humming-bird, while the duo “Peace tax” and “Headwaters of…” will surely be an endurance-test for the whole body when experienced live.

Goodpaster will etch a permanent frown into your face with a sledgehammer. Anyone who has ever banged their heads to Implore or Trap Them will love this album and put it on top of their year’s end lists.

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