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Soft Kill – Metta World Peace (Recommendation)

Soft Kill - Metta world peace
Band:Soft Kill
Release:Metta World Peace
Release Date:5th of June, 2023
Released viaCercle Social Records
Cover ArtworkCercle Social Records

Roughly a year after the stylistic departure that was Canary Yellow Soft Kill are back with Metta World Peace. Being slightly bitter about outcome of that said album, Tobias Grave took matters into his hands and produced the album by himself during a move with the help of some creative friends. The result is an album, that takes past releases, especially the demo-albums Premium Drifter and Not Quite Dracula Music, as a stylistic fundament while throwing some new influences in the mix.

Metta World Peace sounds very “sorted”. Every element of the song has its clear space. Given the more “demo-like” approach, there isn’t much layering like on Dead Kids, R.I.P. City or band-feeling like on Canary Yellow. Songs like the instant classic “Molly” or “Behind the Rain” work perfectly this way.

Although not being that long (round about 30 minutes) there is a lot of musical ground covered here. “Rat Poison” is a bleak as Soft Kill has ever gotten, while “Paranoid” (feat. Evil Pimp) has a hazy vibe to it and tracks like the aforementioned “Molly” or “Veil of Pain” are among the catchiest Synth-Pop Soft Kill has ever released.

Metta World Peace is a product of passion. Passion for creating music, alone or with the help of (sometimes unlikely) friends. This album feels like a magnifying glass view on what makes Soft Kill amazing: melody, mood and mastery in making captivating music.

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