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Soft Kill – Canary Yellow (Review)

Soft Kill
Band:Soft Kill
Release:Canary Yellow
Genre:Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Indie
Release Date:31st of October, 2022
Released viaCercle Social Records
Cover ArtworkCercle Social Records

Two years after the great Dead Kids, R.I.P. City, Soft Kill are back to bring a little more Indie Post-Punk-glum into our worlds.

One thing that struck my ears almost immediately was the way Canary Yellow sounds. Its predecessor sounded lighter and more airy (lack of better words). Canary Yellow feels more like an Indie Rock record. The whole record sounds more “down to earth”, thanks to producer Rob Schnapf who is known for his works with Elliot Smith, Joyce Manor or Kevin Devine. The first harbinger of Canary YellowMagic Garden” showcases this perfectly with a chorus on top that will latch to your ears for weeks. Somehow the guitar-work in this song reminds me of The Gaslight Anthem around the Seńor and the Queen-phase.

The opener “Cracked Candles” instantly reminded me of “So Here We Are” on Silent Alarm by Bloc Party. Driving drums alongside a melancholic guitar melody. Same applies for “Cicero” (released earlier this year). Back then, it sounded like a Pet Shop Boys tribute in the style of Soft Kill (which was already awesome back then). Now “Cicero” gets a Canary Yellow overhaul and will be a constant guest on any Indie-Playlist.

The Line” is such a heart wrenching song and my personal favorite. Ruth Radelet takes the lead vocals here and it works perfectly. Soft Kill have the ability to tell touching stories without drowning in pathos. Same applies for “Lake Shore Drive” the dreamy epic closer. “Just jump in the water” was still repeating in my head hours after the album had ended.

My anticipation was high after Dead Kids, R.I.P. City and the several releases in between, but Canary Yellow just ignored what I had in mind for the next step of Soft Kill. Yet I’m here writing another raving review about a Soft Kill release. This album just feels right to put plain and simple. Soft Kill maybe shifted their sound but it still feels like a true, heart gripping addition to their awesome catalogue.

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