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Thomas’ Favorite Releases of 2023

2023 has been a great year for every fan of heavy and experimental music. Here are my favorite releases in 2023 (in no special order).


Burner: It all returns to nothing

Burner - It all returns to nothing

Punishing and pummeling. All the way.


Bolt Gun: The Tower

Bolt Gun the tower

There can’t be any better evolution than Bolt Gun‘s The Tower. Evoking and overpowering.


Underdark: Managed Decline

Underdark - Managed Decline

Modern Life Is Post-Black Metal. Interesting concept combined with a great taste in melodies


Downfall Of Gaia: Silhouettes of Disgust

Downfall of Gaia

Downfall Of Gaia have truly become “full circle” here, to use a corny expression. Silhouettes of Disgust is just a fulfilling experience from start to finish.


Endlingr: Tra

Endlingr - Tra Cover

Nearly 50 minutes of strolling along the abyss.


Soft Kill: Metta World Peace

Soft Kill - Metta world peace

This album feels like a magnifying glass view on what makes Soft Kill amazing.


Calligram: Position | Momentum

Calligram - Position

Like an ever expanding black hole, osition | Momentum sucks the listener into the cosmic abyss that consists of Black Metal and Crust.


Full Of Hell and Nothing: When No Birds Sang

A glorious relationship ending in a monstrous swan song.

HEALTH: Rat Wars

Health Rat Wars

Rat Wars finds HEALTH in the same position they have always been in: one foot in the neon-drenched night-club, while the other one is resting in an 8-bit-pixelart dystopia.

Quentin Sauvé: Enjoy the View

Quentin Sauvé Enjoy

Although melancholic at its core, Quentin Sauvé delivers the perfect companion for spring walks in solitude with your thoughts wandering. The more the sun will be coming, the more light will break on this beautiful gem of an album.



Copse: Old Belief | New Despair

Copse Old belief

Old belief | New Despair is a fantastic follow-up to Mara | Mondrem. The promises given on their debut are more than fulfilled here: Copse continue to be one of the most exciting bands coming out of the Post-Black Metal genre.


Grimoires: Book II

Grimoires Book II

Book II is a more than worthy successor to Book I. No repetition, evolution is the motto here.


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