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Calligram – Position | Momentum (Recommendation)

Calligram - Position
Release:Position | Momentum
Genre:Black Metal, Crust
Release Date:14th of July, 2023
Released viaProsthetic Records
Cover ArtworkDeborah Sheedy 

There is something about Black Metal enjoyed in the boiling sun. Viewed from a “normal” music listener perspective, Black Metal couldn’t be any further from summer vibes than any other music genre, but Calligram choose to release their new album Position | Momentum in the middle of the probably hottest summer ever recorded (at least in Germany).

Roughly three years after their last album The Eye Is The First Circle, Calligram once again push a dark cloud in front of the summer sun. Position | Momentum finds the London based international quintet at their darkest and best.

Like an ever expanding black hole, Position | Momentum sucks the listener into the cosmic abyss that consists of Black Metal and Crust. After the opening duo of “Sul Dolore” and “Frantumi in Itinere” which are Vantablack Metal bursts par excellence, “Eschilo” takes it a little bit slower at the beginning only to evolve into a vast night sky.

Atmosphere is created here through contrast. Songs like the closer “Seminario Dieci” or “Ex-sistere” have this almost calming yet eerie melodies that get followed by the crushing chaos consisting of blasting, screaming and serenading (in a black way of course) guitars.

Position | Momentum is here to boil your mind and ear, while your body burns in the sun. Calligram have outdone themselves here and created a great black marker in the middle of the year.

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