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The Sun’s Journey Through The Night – Worldless (Recommendation)

The Sun's Journey Through the night Worldless
Band:The Sun’s Journey Through The Night
Genre:Post-Black Metal
Release Date:28th of July, 2023
Released viaChurch Road Records

Nearly two years after the last (Ambient) album Veiled Beneath The Shroud of Grief & Misery, The Sun’s Journey Through The Night are back, this time with a full-on Black Metal album. Worldless sees the mysterious project turn towards the loud side of the dark again.

So what is to be found within the 40 minutes of Worldless? Greatly produced Black Metal, combined with a great sense of melody and atmosphere and a singer extracting his guts via mouth.

The opener “Abolishing consciousness” lets any fan of Black Metal sigh in blissful relieve, there’s blasting, screaming and even something to hum along to. This is a big strength of this album: it is not just full- on frenzy. Great melodies and songs that surprise you are the pillars on which this album is built on. The closing duo of “Flood of flames” and “Orion” for example ranks among the finest album finishes this year. The whirring guitars of the first and the glorious endless night finale of the latter will release you properly and satisfied into silent dark.

Worldless is another highlight on Church Road Records this year and they just keep on coming. The Sun’s Journey Through The Night have created an album that serves as a black cloud when the day is too bright. Although the word “journey” suggests that there’s maybe an ending to the journey, Worldless is a never-ending journey through a pitch-black night. There is no “darkest before the dawn” here, this is “darkest of the dark”.

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