Missiles – Weaponize Tomorrow (Recommendation)

Missiles - Weaponize Tomorrow
Release:Weaponize Tomorrow
Genre:Post-Punk, Rock
Release Date:10th of May, 2024
Released viaSvart Records

A high-speed-train to the end of the line” (from the song “End of the Line“). The world is at the edge, again. Missiles make music for people watching things spinning out of control while screaming at the screens, just like the child on the cover. Weaponize Tomorrow is the debut of Sweden’s Missiles and a Post-Punk call to action.

At times Missiles sound like a more pessimistic and less happy version of 2001 Maxïmo Park. A song like “Leeches” is a prime example for that. Fast paced, a little hectic and you can’t sit still while listening to it. “Radio Dark” on the other hand is more of a “traditional” Rock-song with a, like the title suggests, dark twist. 7 apocalytic minutes close this album in a suitable fashion. Everything seems to have failed and all there is left now is silence.

Weaponize Tomorrow is a very good case of “right time, right place”. Even if times are bleak, there is time to dance towards the burning mushroom cloud and Missiles provide the fitting soundtrack for that occasion.

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