Metal, Metalcore, Shoegaze

Peasant & Grimoires (Double Recommendation)

Country:South Africa
Release Date:28th of May 2021
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover Artwork ©Peasant, 2021

One album and several EPs into their career, Peasant‘s new EP Kingdom hits as hard as you’d expect from the South African Metalcore outfit. 10 seconds in I instantly get a smile on my face, when the drums start and a short „AAARGH“ gets this thing going.

Metalcore is a genre that was and still often is pronounced as dead, although a lot of bands still put out joy-sparkling EPs like this one. If in your heart there is space for some good old Metalcore with a lot groove that keeps your head and body moving, give this EP a spin.

Album:Book I
Genre:Shoegaze; Post-Hardcore
Release Date:28th of April 2021
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover Artwork ©Grimoires, 2021

Book I by Gremoires is the musical equivalent of a warm day in spring coming to an end. Although the album artwork may hint otherwise, this EP makes you feel warm inside. At some moments it reminds me of Title Fight on Floral Green or Smashing Pumpkins around Siamese Dream. It is all about that bittersweet feeling of something good ending.

Book I is an awesome debut EP. Wavy guitars, echoing vocals and a dreamy atmosphere, this EP is the perfect soundtrack to your summer. It has been on regular spins, since I’ve got my ears on them. I am eager to hear, what will be next in store for this guys.

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