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Grimoires – Book II (Recommendation)

Grimoires Book II
Release:Book II
Genre:Shoegaze, Alternative, Punk
Release Date:11th of March, 2023
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover ArtworkSelf-Released

I really loved GrimoiresBook I, it was in fact one of my definite highlights of 2021. Seeing them return after nearly two years with their first single “Albatross” really made my day. “Albatross” and the following “Sirens” lean more towards the Punk side of Grimoires and it suits them pretty well. But this isn’t the only thing that is new.

The opener and longest song on this EP, “Gift” is a surprise. It takes its time, before it really kicks off and when it kicks off, it is this spring / summer time feeling from the first EP all over again. The closer “Capsized” is a mostly instrumental track which serves a great, dreamy ending of this EP.

Book II sees Grimoires writing more complex songs and drift towards an Alternative direction (in a good way), comparable to the direction Soft Kill have taken with their recent album Canary Yellow. Book II is a more than worthy successor to Book I. No repetition, evolution is the motto here. Hopes are high that the next album won’t take another two years. I’m surely here, waiting for it.

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