Black Metal, Doom Metal

Genune – Inert & Unerring (Recommendation)

Band: Genune
Album: Inert & Unerring
Genre: Black-Metal
Country: Romania
Release Date: 25th of February 2022 (Vinyl)
Released via: Consouling Sounds (Vinyl)
Cover Artwork: © Consouling Sounds

Inert & Unerring was originally released in 2021, but now it is available for the first time on vinyl via Consouling Sounds. So if you missed out on this the first time, you should do now, because season and sound have aligned here! Inert & Unerring is a special Black Metal album that can be a faithful companion in this dark season.

Genune are a Black Metal band from Romania and as you can see from the cover, this isn’t your normal blasphemous Black Metal. Sparkled with some Neo-Folk elements and occasional spoken-word passages this release takes Black Metal from the forests to the more rural areas.

Unworthy Sons and Daughters” takes its beautiful 3,5 minutes time with acoustic guitars and melodies, before the blast-beat sets in and you are throat-deep buried in Black Metal. This beauty is also found in the other two tracks (the quiet interlude “Pyres of Autumn” excluded) “To Drown within Yourself” and “Eastern European Discontent“.

Inert & Unerring has me coming back time after time. It just keeps you in its aural range and once you started this album you can’t help yourself but wanting to hear it in its entirety again and again.

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