Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, Metal

Helpless – Caged in Gold (Recommendation)

Album:Caged in Gold
Genre:Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore
Release Date:March 25th 2022
Released via:Church Road Records
Coverart:Church Road Records

Some days are just over the top shitty. Scenarios where everything that could go wrong, goes wrong and puts on an extra round for good measure.

England-based band Helpless deliver the soundtrack for these kind of days. But they do not soothe you like a warm blanket or a nice cup of tea, they just blast your head off for the day, so that you can grow a new one for tomorrow.

Caged in Gold mangles the listener with a mixture of Death Metal, Grindcore and Hardcore. They have already shared the stage with our beloved Nails and that is where they belong.

Caged in Gold is nearly half an hour of pure carnage. No rest, no breathing space, just full-on confrontation. Sometimes a little bit slower (“Another Sunlight“, “Single File“) but most of the time blasting fast until “The Great Silence” finishes the record sludgy and dirty.

Helpless created an abrasive, gross record in a very positive sense. Heaviness, production and even aesthetics (the cover just makes me uneasy) fall into place here. Caged in Gold is another great release on Church Road Records this year and I can’t wait to see Helpless destroy stages live.

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