Alternative, Shoegaze

Oversize – Into the Ceiling (Recommendation)

Release:Into the Ceiling
Genre:Alternative Rock, Shoegaze
Release Date:21st of October, 2022
Released viaChurch Road Records
Cover ArtworkChurch Road Records

The summer is gone, yet bands like Oversize release EPs like Into the Ceiling. Already one EP (In Balance) and one single (“Drive“) in, Into the Ceiling expands on the bold promises those previous releases gave.

Distant Light” and “Taste” are songs that will remain on your Alternative-Playlist for a long time while “Wasted Soul” is just a beautiful song. A tender yet heavy rocking mixture paired with a chorus that latches onto your ear for weeks.

This EP feels like a firm, warm summer breeze to the ears. Leaning heavily into Shoegaze and Alternative Rock, Into the Ceiling would have been perfect for spring or summer but now it will be the soundtrack to a golden autumn.

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