Black Metal, Post-Black Metal

Epectase – Nécroses (Recommendation)

Genre:Post-Black Metal
Release Date:18th of November, 2022
Released viaFrozen Records
Cover ArtworkPaul Nager

Dark and grizzly, those were the first words that came into mind upon seeing the album cover for Epectase’s most recent work Nécroses.

Those associations ring true when “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” starts. “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” has already been released in a shorter version last year and serves as an atmospheric opener to Nécroses until “Confusion” kicks in and you are in the middle of the blackest whirlwind. Blast beats, sharp guitars and a singer shredding his vocal chords.

The guitars of “Désillusion” sound like early From Autumn to Ashes (just listen to their debut Too Bad, You’re Beautiful and you’ll know what I mean) at the beginning, but don’t be afraid, the likeness only lasts for a minute until Epectase go into full-on Post-Black Metal-mode and take you on a 12 minute journey.

The sort of title track “Nécrose” begins slightly electronic and slow, before heavy and deep riffs accompanied by growling push this song into motion. 11 minutes of aural purgatory drain the rest of life out of the listener until only the cracking of a bonfire can be heard.

Nécroses is a real treat for any Black Metal connoisseur. 44 minutes of twisting, turning and surprising Black Metal. In short: a great release for the short and dark days of winter.

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