Death Metal, Grindcore

See You Next Tuesday – Distractions (Review)

See You Next Tuesday
Band:See You Next Tuesday
Genre:Grindcore, Death Metal
Release Date:17th of February, 2023
Released viaGood Fight Music
Cover ArtworkGood Fight Music

Do you still know the term “MySpace-Single”? Back in the day, MySpace was THE source for finding new bands and artists before they got famous. A lot of times there was this ONE song that got shared everywhere. “8 dead, 9 if you count the fetus” was the “MySpace-single” of See You Next Tuesday (SYNT). After releasing two EPs and two albums, SYNT went on hiatus in 2009, just when things seemed to get rolling.

After playing some shows in 2020 SYNT are now back with their first new album since 2008: Distractions. Produced and mixed on their own terms and mastered by Josh Schroeder (who is known for his work with Lorna Shore or In Hearts Wake) SYNT sound as fresh and ferocious as they should.

After the eerie intro “How insensitiveSYNT go on full blast with “What a funny girl you used to be” and it stays this way till the end of the album. Distractions sounds like a stylistic successor of Intervals combined with the more beefy production of Parasite.

But don’t get the wrong idea, SYNT don’t just rehash their old style. Here and there are new elements thrown into the mix. “What a funny girl you used to be” contains some melodic gang-shouts in the crushing end-part, the nearly Rock’n’Rolly “I’ll never be the same” and the use of more yelly like vocals in several songs.

Just like Intervals Distractions with “January and on” (this time without clocks) ends on a doomy note. “Strange music” spans around 7,5 minutes. It is a real rollercoaster ride, to use a corny metaphor. Starting with tender picked guitars, then diving into straight Sludge Metal which paves the listener over and over.

Distractions is a great comeback album. SYNT were one of my hidden favorites back in the day and it is so good to see them back again. We may not get back Tom from MySpace but SYNT are a damn good substitute.

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