Hardcore, Metal, Sludge Metal

Mastiff – Deprecipice (Recommendation)

Genre:Metal, Hardcore, Sludge
Release Date:22nd of March, 2024
Released viaMNRK Heavy

British steel is thriving. There is so much going on over there that it is very easy to get lost in that much greatness. On several occasions (here, here or here) we urged you to take a peek and with Mastiff’s new album Deprecipice (depression + precipice, helped me a lot to pronounce it correctly every time) this urge becomes even greater.

The whole opening trio feels like an endurance exercise for your necks and extremities. “Everything is Ending” can be taken literally as the security for your surroundings is ending too. Consisting of great mosh-parts this song will make whole venues unsafe (in a good way). The following “Void” is a pedal-to-the-metal-people-pummeling-pit-anthem. The only slowing down here is to maximize the momentum before the next drop hits.

Cut-Throat” is a feature that caught my eye immediately. The burning tar-pit formed into band, Primitive Man, together with Mastiff. How could this be wrong in any scenario? Slow, abysmal and rotting, that are words of quality describing this song. Apropos quality collaborations: if “Serrated” with the help of Burner and XIII, didn’t get you hyped for this release then nothing can move you, your head or any part of your metal-loving body.

The entire record just exists to prove that there’ll always be another nasty part that will leave your face in positive disgust. “Pitiful” is a testament to that: groove and grave-deep Sludge combined to expand the limits of the auditory bearable. Deprecipice comes to a sludgy end with “Thorn Trauma“. Though starting at high speed just like the beginning of the album, it dissolves into this seemingly never ending screams into void accompanied by the huge riffs.

British steel is thriving and Mastiff‘s Deprecipice will kick the number of molten faces through the roof.

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