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Thomas’ Favorite Releases of 2022

Although being a successor to the kind of “meh-years” 2020 and 2021, 2022 gave birth to a lot of great releases. Here is my little recap of what has been awesome throughout the year.



Wiegedood: There’s always blood at the end of the road
Dialing up the harshness and atmosphere Wiegedood released their best work so far.



Celeste: Assassine(s)
Assassine(s) is Celeste’s most accessible work to date and holds its listeners firm like the hands on the cover.



Heriot: Profound morality
Combining Hardcore, glitchy Electronic and bone crushing Metal, Heriot’s next steps will be felt in the upcoming years.


Hundred year old man - Sleep in Light

Hundred Year Old Man: Sleep in light
Massive as a planet killing asteroid this Post-Metal opus magnum is a big welcome back by Hundred Year Old Man and screams to perforate your ears in a live setting.


Reeking Aura

Reeking Aura: Blood and bonemeal
This psychotic crop caretaker is sure to rake your mind too!


Primitive Man: Insurmountable
Primitive Man continue to push the definition of what is bearable listening to.


Cover of False Light by White Ward

White Ward: False light
False light is the new climax in White Wards discography, nothing more, nothing less.


Soft Kill

Soft Kill: Canary yellow
Evading expectations and succeeding in creating a heart gripping record.


Our loss is total

Our Loss Is Total: I
The Black Metal brainchild of Neaera and Heaven Shall Burn members comes black, bleak and blasting.

Tribal Gaze

Tribal Gaze: The nine choirs
Death Metal got a whole lot better with this release alone.


Blood Incantation: Timewave zero
Ambient done by a Death Metal band, what can go wrong? Nothing.

Birds in Row

Birds In Row: Gris Klein
Gris Klein is the most focused release of Birds in Row so far, they rely on their strengths and build upon them. 


Rotting in Dirt

Rotting In Dirt: I am eating my shame
Ferocious like a trapped animal, which has you in its fangs.



Copse: Mara|Mondrem
If this EP does not catch your Post-Black Metal heart than nothing else will.


Ashtoreth & Pilgrimage to Pleroma

Ashtoreth & Pilgrimage To Pleroma: UR
Ambient for every coming doomsday.


God Mother: Obeveklig
Take a chance, take a chance, take a chuggah chance on this effing great new EP by Hardcore Swedes God Mother!


Jesus Wept: Psychedelic degeneracy
Groovy as ever Jesus Wept riffed into my heart this year.



Oversize: Into the ceiling
Summer maybe gone, but this EP will stay in its playlists.


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